Find and Replace plugin for Confluence

Find and Replace plugin for Confluence can be used for following purpose :

    • Finding provided term with number of occurrences at each page for a space of Atlassian Confluence.

    • Replace the searched text with new text for all or selected pages of current Space

    • Control the use of Replace operation

Once this plugin is installed a new link is created at top of page to use this utility as show in figure

Find and Replace UI which appears after clicking ...->Find and Replace will look like as shown in fig

After providing a term in Search For box, Find button could be clicked. Clicking Find button searches for provided term at every page of Space and UI is updated with list of pages with a number which is number of occurrence of provided term in that page and children pages under that page. There are some options for Find and Replace which can be used to refine the find and replace.

  1. Whole word search - In case we want to search for whole word as for example 'HiveStone'. Search results will include instances where 'HiveStone' word was found. Otherwise if we search for 'Hive' without selecting Whole word search it will include instances where Hive was found within word as well(as in HiveStone).

  2. Case Insensitive Search - By default Find looks for word with Case sensitivity enabled. Selecting Case Insensitive Search will disable the case sensitivity.

  3. Exclude Storage tags - By default search looks for term in Storage tags as well. For example inside <ac:link> ....</ac:link> or inside macro definitions. This option can be used for updating links or some macro parameters (like spacekey, web links) etc. Otherwise this utility could be used to update plain text only.

If user chooses to replace the term with new term, new term could be provided in Replace With box and Replace button should be clicked after selecting desired pages. All pages could be selected to replace term all over the space. After clicking Replace button all occurrences of term are replaced with new term at all selected pages.

A summary report is also send to user stating all replacements and reporting surround text around replaced term. This facilitates the identification of all replaced spots and verification of location if it was desired or not. Sample report mail looks like following

Admin Configuration

To control Replace operation there is configuration under Site Admin configuration. By default Replace operation is permitted to users having Edit permission on page. Site Admin can control to allow Replace operation only to existing Space Admins.


Our customers play and important role in making our solution better. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, suggestions and reported some issues.

Atlassian Marketplace Link of this plugin - Find and Replace Utility Plugin