Auto Numbered Headings

Auto numbered headings plugin of Confluence automates numbering of heading for whole space in single click. Plugin also comes with a macro so that if required it can be used at individual pages too.

Auto numbered headings plugin could be used for following purpose:

  • Number all the headings of a space in one go (Numeric or alphabetical)
  • Number all the page titles of space along with headings
  • Exclude some specific pages of spaces from auto numbering
  • Use the plugin to number headings of specific pages only (using macro)
  • Change in numbering configuration and apply it for whole space in one go
  • Remove the auto numbering from whole space

Once installed, a menu is created at top bar for presenting configuration related to heading numbering. Menu appears as shown in figure

Configuration ui is presented once TechAuth->Auto Numbered Headings menu item is clicked. Configuration ui appears as shown in following figure

Configuration of Auto Numbered heading plugin includes following options:

  • Number Format - Decimal or Alphabetical format can be used for numbering of headings
  • Numbering Level - Numbering level could be selected to number heading up to 3,4 or 5 or 6 level of numbering
  • Numbering of Page titles - Page titles can also be numbered automatically using this option
  • Exclude some pages - If there are some pages which should not be numbered then this option can be used by providing page titles in text box.

Update Space button click will be required after any change in configuration. If there is any addition or removal of heading from any page which affects the numbering of next sibling page or child page then Update Space button should be used after every such change.


Q. What is effect of choosing Number format as Decimal or Alphabetical ?

Ans: If Number format is Decimal then all the headings will be numbered as 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.2.3. If it is selected as Alphabetical then starting character of numbering will be alphabet and numbering will be like A.1 or A.2 or A.2.1.

Q. What is effect of changing Numbering up to level?

Ans: Numbering level is basically heading level h1, h2, h3 etc. But if h1 is on a sub-page of main page of space then it will be considered as level 2. So with increasing level of page indentation level is increased for headings. This means that H2 on top level page will be considered as level 2 headings while H2 on sub page will be considered as level 3 heading and H2 on sub-sub page will be considered as level 3 heading.

Q. How does numbering of page title works?

Ans: If user selected the option to number page titles too then each page heading will be changed and number will be prefixed before page title. So, first top level page title will become like "1. <First page title>". If this page has 4 h1 headings then it will be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. If this first page has sub page then title of sub page will be changed to "1.5 <First page sub page title>". This logic is to make whole content as continuous flow of headings.

Q. What does Remove auto numbered headings from space does?

Ans: Remove auto numbered headings from space removes the appearance of numbering from every page and page titles. Auto numbered heading applies macro to each page for displaying numbers against headings. On using remove option, display of numbers is muted but macro remains on page source but it does not affect the page headings in any way. Even of license of plugin is expired, plugin does not affect the display of page's original content.

Q. What is exclude pages from numbering option?

Ans: In some cases user does not want to number some pages like Appendix etc. So if under this option user provides page title of such pages, all such pages including sub pages of provided page titles will not be numbered automatically.

Q. After application of numbered heading, I added few more headings on some pages but numbers are not being displayed against newly added headings. What should I do?

Ans: On adding new headings or removing some existing headings, user need to use "Update Space" option of Auto Numbered heading UI. Update space option will re-calibrate the heading numbers based on changes and re-assign the numbers.


Our customers play and important role in making our solution better. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, suggestions and reported some issues.

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