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Our solutions related to Hivestone Content Management system is focused on increasing the productivity of Atlassian Confluence wiki users and help them becoming more innovative with overall content creation and management.
Our current solution includes
  • Space Hierarchy & Breadcrumbs
            Space Hierarchy & Breadcrumbs plugin can be used to organize Spaces i.e creating hierarchy of space for Atlassian Confluence. It also shows breadcrumbs at top of pages for easy navigation between spaces of hierarchy. It does not impact the performance of server in any way.
  • Copy Page Hierarchy
            Copy Page Hierarchy plugin copies or delete desired page hierarchy of a space. Plugin can also be used to copy desired page hierarchy to a new space (Copy Space). It also generates report of Copy/Delete operation.
  • Auto Numbered Headings
             Auto Numbered heading plugin could be used to number the heading of space in single click of button. It also have various configuration options for numbering of headings.
  • Conditional MultiExcerpt
            Conditional multiexcerpt empowers users to reuse the content even if it contains some text, image or link which should change based on some context.
  • Delete Unused Attachments
              Delete unused attachments plugin help in maintaining ever growing list of page attachments by deleting unused page attachments.
  • Single Source (if-else conditional) plugin
            Single Source plugin can be used to have single source of content even if some part of content have 2 versions based on context.
  • Find and Replace plugin for Confluence
            Find and Replace plugin comes with capability of searching keywords in all pages of space and that keyword can be replaced with new keyword at selected group of pages in one go. It also creates summary report indicating replaced instances with surrounding text, so that user can verify the operation and find if there is any unintended change.
  • Link Error Report plugin for Confluence
            Link error plugin generates report related to Links of given space. It lists all wrong/dead links of space with reason of error. So, it helps in keeping content sanitized.